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The Local media has asked Doug about Issues that matter to Clearview Residents. Here's what he had to say:

What is your plan to balance the agricultural sector of the community while at the same time encouraging retail and residential development?

The family farm has evolved in our community. Agricultural sector economic activity remains a vibrant part of our whole economy. The farms that are successful have been able to diversify production, embrace new technologies, consolidate their assets and build efficient time saving methods into the daily chores. We have seen this kind of farming in Clearview Township. The municipal government is well positioned to support local farm operators with access to updated environmental mapping tools and watershed management practices that can help keep the soil healthy for production. Our political leaders need to work closely with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and build an active group of rural & small urban members. The small urban centres in Clearview are poised to grow as the economy makes a recovery from the world wide recession. Clearview council has remained focused on building infrastructrure and growing reserve accounts to be ready for better days. Clearview is a community that manages and guides development to be sensitive to the natural environment, rural character and the financial health of the region.

What is your stance on the proposed wind turbines and what do you feel council's role should be?

The beautiful vistas of Clearview Township are under attack. The Provinces Green Energy Act is not helping Ontario citizens with the cost of energy, the demands for energy, or the safety of the public. Industrial Wind Turbines are a multi­million dollar fraud happening in our country and in many others. They are simply too expensive to reasonably be considered as a sustainable source of electricity for public use. Municipal governments need to be back at the table with the Province to correct this mess of over- spending Ontario tax dollars on operating inefficient machines that devalue property and divide our neighbourhoods.

What is it about your character that would convince me (as a voter) to cast a ballot in your direction?

I am a person that cares about fairness and equality.   I can be comfortable with anyone in any conversation. You will find me to be genuine with interest and passion for my community.   I am a proud father, a committed husband, and my entire professional career has been in a role that serves our community.   As a mentor and a leader, I always look for ways to help people succeed.  I am a community volunteer and like to be asked to help in any role.   I have diverse interests from military history to classic cars, from sports to local art and I try to find a balance in my life to learn more about these and other great topics.   Voters in Clearview Ward 1 can have confidence in me as their choice for councillor.   I am experienced and dedicated to the job.   In my opinion, Clearview council needs leaders who have vision and integrity.  Leaders that have the ability to listen and react in an honest and respectful manner that serve the public trust.   I ask for your vote to re-elect me as your Ward 1 Councillor.

What is the communities greatest asset and how do you plan to use that asset to make the community better?

Clearview Township is my home. My favourite part of being home is the feeling of security, family, and the history it brings. There are many tangible assets and things that make Clearview special to me. The rolling countryside, the rivers and ponds, the urban streets with historic charm are all part of the mix that makes living here very peaceful. The greatest asset however is not a thing, it’s the people that make an effort to love living here. There are characters in every store, barn or church across the entire township. You will find that folks in Clearview are a mix of cautious & reserved with sophistication & spirit; with more than a measure of wildly fun. Attend a Small Hall event on a Saturday night and you will be swept up in the Clearview state of mind. Move to Clearview and you will find your community is growing up just like you wanted.

What are three challenges you see for the community over the course of the next term?

Clearview must take an honest look at the level of services the municipality funds from direct taxation. Council has done some level of review of services in the yearly budget discussions however I believe it is time to get the public engaged in this important debate of our communities priorities. The Hard services such as Fire protection and drinking water quality, storm water management and snow removal are indeed the most difficult to find cuts in service levels. However I believe that council can and should ask the managers of these vital departments to find efficiencies in operations. Clearview staff have been excellent at finding solutions to difficult requests made by your council. Another area of concern that I see for our community is the rising cost of Policing. The provincial government has worked with smaller communities such as Clearview to develop a funding model that they claim to be fair to all taxpayers. I believe that Clearview needs to pay close attention to this new provincial formula and negotiate a better way to afford our expected level of policing. Every option needs to be considered and councils decision must include discussions with the public. Another issue that Clearview Township must discuss with our citizens is a review of the strategic plan; the vision, mission, and goals of our great community. This document is the roadmap to the future priorities of our community. It was developed in 2008 at a time when Clearview was facing higher than expected development pressures for housing. As it turned out, major developments didn’t occur partially due to the global recession of 2009. Clearview Township needs to refocus; be actively listening to our residents as they share their vision and hopes for a better community. The strategic plan should be reviewed once every term of council. Its been 6 years already. Now is the time to open the doors of the council chambers and revive the community’s roadmap.