Collingwood General & Marine Hospital

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I was recently asked about the redevelopment of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital.   Our council has been very clear about our community support for the Hospital.  The prefered location on the Poplar Side Road was supported in a motion of Clearview Council.    Councillor Patterson served on the Hospital Board for several years and brought forward a motion to create the special reserve fund that I mention in my response.  I voted in-favour of the special reserve account.  My family has been served very well by the G&M Hospital as I am sure your family has been too.   My sons were born there, my wife worked there for over 24 years, and I recently had successful knee surgery at the CGMH.     I am very happy to see that Collingwood Council has made an ask to the Province to designate the Poplar SdRd site as the location for our future Hospital.

response to a question: 

Hi Mike,

Great to hear from you.   Thanks for the good wishes.

It is a priority for Clearview to see a redevelopment of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital.   Our council established a municipal reserve fund and directed our Treasurer to support the fund from direct taxation with annual contributions that will build our portion of the municipal contribution once the ask is made to do so.    The reserve fund remains with Clearview until a direction of council is given that will move it to the Hospital.     We expect that each of the partner municipalities will be called upon to support some of the capital in the redevelopment.   Given our small tax base, we felt it important to create this reserve fund as soon as reasonable to do so.   I believe it passed at our recent municipal budget and will now be part of our annual reserve contributions.  As the redevelopment moves forward, we may need to reassess the level of contributions in order to meet the needs of the partnership of the capital works.

I would hope that the partner municipalities of Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and The Blue Mountains will see their way to create and fund similar reserves.

Call me anytime Mike.


Doug Measures 705 791 7300