Housing growth in the Blue Mountain area and the impact on Clearview

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I was recently asked about the housing growth in the Blue Mountain area and the impact on Clearview.      While there is significant housing construction happening at the base of Blue Mountain and many new homes in the Collingwood area, we have seen a slower rate of new construction in Clearview.   It’s not a bad thing as we are an agriculture focused community and we need to continue to support local farming into the future.  There are some very motivated developers that hope to get building roads and homes in Clearview’s settlement areas of Stayner and Creemore.   Have a read through my response to the question and if you have any comments, please feel welcome to email me at doug@dougmeasures.com  I’ll answer you promptly.  Thank you – Doug.  

Hello Christine,  

Thank you for the question.   


Housing developments are a lengthy process.   Our community of Clearview Township has seen significant pressure for housing starts since about 2007.     At the moment there are over 4500 homes in the process for Stayner with another 3000 or so across the entire township.    Many of these have been proposed from as far back as 2002.  So you can appreciate that these developments are moving through the planning and approval process as glacial speed.      We have had historic low new building permits since 2006.   less than 50 New builds per year.    Clearview could be having a bumper year for New construction in 2018 as we are on track to exceed the 70 New Build mark for the first time.   I would expect that developers and new home sellers will be moving ahead with marketing their products as our national economy improves.   All indicators that predict growth in Ontario are suggesting a housing market that will be in the positive for the coming years.     


There are many things that impact the growth of our community.    Most of all is the pressure from the GTA to move up to the recreation hub of Ontario, South Georgian Bay.   It can’t be denied the economic impact that our region has from tourism and recreation.  With this development pressure and interest in recreation, the community of Clearview has an official plan and comprehensive zoning by-laws that remain focused on Agriculture as our primary activity.   You will find that housing developments in Clearview are centred on the settlement areas of Stayner and Creemore with secondary status to Nottawa, New Lowell, and other smaller corners of the township.   The availability of public servicing for water, waste water, schools and cultural centres such as Library and rec facilities are the prime reason development growth happens in settlement areas.    The beautiful wide open spaces are clearly for agriculture and protected environmental lands.     


There will be other impacts to our community beyond the specific housing growth as we mature as a township.     Housing brings people here.     These people will be driving cars, riding bicycles, using the arenas, trails and parks.  The increase in population will also bring increased attention to policing and fire protection.  And ofcourse, more population means there will be demand for services such as food, entertainment, and education.  The economic impact of growth on our entire region brings jobs and prosperity.    While prosperity can be fickle with other influence from world or national trade, locally we should see a positive economy IF locals support local businesses.     Shop Local is a real thing. 


Thanks again for the question, I appreciate being asked for my comments. 

 best regards, 

 Doug Measures 


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