Discrepancy in the level of services

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I received an email from a resident of New Lowell that expressed some concern that there is a discrepancy in the level of services between the smaller centres of the community and the larger settlement areas.     This is my response to the question and some of my supporting opinion that we are maturing as a community.  The Community is Clearview Township.      

Thank you for the question.      I have had a couple of very hectic days this week and haven’t had a moment to get back to responding to you till now.   I hope you are not disappointed. 

 New Lowell is very similar to Nottawa in my opinion.   These smaller settlement areas are not seeing the input of publicly funded services, in an equitable manner with the larger settlement areas of Stayner and Creemore.    While the township has taken a leading role with Fire Protection, road maintenance and drinking water management, there has been a noticeable difference with the social and community services that these neighbourhoods desire. 

 Let me state this :   

New Lowell has had a significant investment in the Clearview Library with the build of the Sunnidale Branch in 2008.   New Lowell does have the finest Ball and sports park in our township.   New Lowell does have an active industrial area that provides local jobs.   There are walking trails in New Lowell that were built in 2011 and now need some maintenance to clean them up.  New Lowell has a beautiful conservation area and outdoor rec facilities.  New Lowell does not have a municipal community centre, but it does have an active Legion.   New Lowell has had a cell phone tower installed to provide better wireless service.     


In Nottawa,   there is no Library to attend.  We have a metal drop box to return books to the Clearview Library.   Nottawa has one of the oldest Ball Parks in the township, however, until this summer, the Township provided only minor maintenance and leadership in operating the Park.   Nottawa has some new playground equipment installed in 2010, in the Ball Park.   Nottawa ball park is part of an undeveloped rec corridor that includes the Pretty River.    Nottawa has a public water service to about 180 homes.    Nottawa is 500 homes.   Nottawa does not have an industrial park but does have a main street with 4 businesses as the core.  Nottawa does not have public walking trails.  Nottawa does have a township owned community centre, operated by a volunteer board.  Nottawa does not have decent cell phone service however we are served by Rogers Cable and some Bell Fibe for home internet as we are close to Collingwood services. 


I wanted to make sure you understand that I appreciate the concerns for residents of New Lowell in feeling like they are being left out from investment by the Municipality.   As I have represented Nottawa on our council for 12 years, and I have come to know the frustration of seeing our tax dollars spent in Stayner and Creemore on projects that we may not use.     However, in that time I have also seen our whole community mature to become a progressive society where we do look after the less fortunate and find ways to build up our community of Clearview.   

I have taken a stand that we must continue to mature as a community.  The community is Clearview Township.   We must step forward and acknowledge that each of our smaller centres is part of the community.   I suggest that each cross-road, hamlet, or corners, are part of the community.   It is my hope that you will know we are all neighbours in this community.  Again, our community is Clearview Township. 


If we can bring a slight cultural change to the way we do business as a municipality,  if we can accept that we are all neighbours, if we can appreciate that our community is healthy, strong, and exciting to live here, and if we can accept our differences as strengths for the entire community, –  then we will be a successful complete community. 


I know this may seem like a long answer to your question.   I can find myself writing letters like this when I am challenged with a topic that is very deep in our cultural makeup.    It’s not easy to just pop out a few quick lines of promises or commitments for a campaign when the topic is actually beyond the question of election decisions.  This issue of getting “more here and less there” is going to take some time to correct.  Balance is needed, as is patience and acceptance.   


I have heard from other residents of New Lowell that they are very pleased with the Ball Park, pavilion area, and playground equipment .    I have also heard from some younger residents that they would like to see some kind of Ice Surface in the park.   I support that idea.    I can’t say what it would look like but do think that a concrete pad with some short boards and some lighting would really help the recreational skating and even basketball court needs..     I also heard that the street lighting on Cnty Rd. 9 should be improved.  I agree.   We will want to work with the County to create some sense of a downtown area with light standards that serve to bring a feeling of a core to New Lowell.   Perhaps between the fire hall and Hogback..?    I also know that we certainly need to address some of the road conditions and speed postings for our roads near New Lowell.   The Clearview Transit service will need to expand to other neighbourhoods and we must look to work with our neighbouring Municipalities to find cost savings and service levels that can work.   


Thank you again for the question.  Hope you are able to consider some of my opinions about our community and find your way to vote for me. 


Have a great weekend. 


 Doug Measures


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